Why I love kale so much.

Ever since I heard about the benefits of eating Kale, I’ve tried to make it a part of my weekly diet. To do this I’ve experimented with tons of recipes.

Recently I visited Whole Foods and noticed that they had Kale salad on sale. I never thought of eating this green uncooked but it makes total sense. I don’t buy lettuce anymore and only use Kale as my salad base. You won’t taste a difference.

Today I read a great article on Organic Authority’s website about the many benefits of this super green and why we need to start eating more greens as a part of our daily meals.

In Organic Authority’s article they list 7 Reason’s Why Kale is the New Beef. Here are the reasons paraphrased by me and shortened: more iron than beef, more calcium per calorie than milk, one serving of kale has 5% of recommended daily value of fiber, rich in omega-fatty acids, immune-boosting carotenoid and flavonoid antioxidants (i.e. vitamins A and C), sustainable to grow (especially compared to raising cattle), and lastly it’s an anti-inflammitory that helps to prevent autoimmune diseases.This article is worth the read. Knowledge is power and the first step in starting a healthier diet.


For those of you that are new to this super green here is a time-saving tip on how to prepare your Kale for cooking:

  • Step 1) Rinse the bunch of kale leafs and dab them with a cloth or paper towel to dry
  • Step 2) De-spine each kale leaf
  • Step 3) Fold the two pieces left after de-spining the leaf and roll it up like a sleeping bag. Then cut once horizontally and then as many times needed vertically.
  • Step 4) Put the cut up kale in the bag you brought it home in from the grocery store and back in the fridge. Now it’s ready to use!
You’ll see that doing this each time you want  to cook with kale can be a bit tedious and discourage you from eating it more regularly so that’s why I recommend to prepare your kale as soon as you get home from the grocery store so it’s ready when you decide to cook with it or make a salad.
Enjoy eating your Kale and knowing that you’re contributing to a healthier you!