My Excursion: Big Sur, Napa, Muir Woods and San Francisco!

I recently had a friend come to visit me which was a great excuse to do some more exploring within my new home. Below are a few shots from our little excursion:

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A new found love of mine….learning to golf in CA.

Since moving to California and having more golf courses than what I know what to do with, naturally I have decided that it is my calling to become an expert at this game. Not to be mistaken for a ‘professional’. I’ve played before and heck I even worked at a golf course in my home town St. Andrews By-the-Sea at the Algonquin Resort (previously owned by Fairmont Resorts) and my best friends husband is even a golf pro! So, I am not totally green to the game but growing up it wasn’t my sport of choice. I was a typical Canadian kid. On ice skates by the age of 4, figure skating and playing hockey competitively by 5 or 6 and then I gradually moved on to new sports as I got older and more coordinated.

Where I’m from it’s only golf season for about 5 months of the year and 2 out of the 5 might be quite chilly at times. Now that I am in a state that has golf year round and I’m a bit older and less competitive athletically why not take up the sport! I’ve been out with my husband for a few rounds so far this season and to the golfing range numerous times. For a wedding gift my brother even bought us each a full set of clubs! (What a guy!)

The top 5 reasons why I love golf :

  • each hour of golf you can burn up to 300 calories!
  • learning something new and continuously challenging myself
  • being outside
  • relaxing
  • quality time spent with my husband

I’m still working on my swing (as you can see above) but eventually I’ll get there! Once I do I’ll be sure to hit up some of the more professional courses in Monterey Bay Peninsula and post pics. Golf is something I’ve learned to love even more since being here so I felt it deserved a post on my blog.

Friendship is an amazing thing….


Friendship is something that doesn’t happen very quickly and when you finally have a strong one it takes just as much work to maintain as any other relationship. I’ve learned over the years to really cherish the few ‘real’ friends you have in this world. You never know when you’ll need them or they’ll need you.

I’ve been blessed to have some amazing woman come and stay in my life. I’ll never take either of their friendships lightly or for granted. They are all different but similar in small ways. I guess you could say they each have a different role in my life. They’ve each been there during different times in my life and have impacted who I am as a woman just for being there for me.

I recently got married in my new home state – beautiful California on Carmel River State Beach. I know most couples say this about their wedding day but it truly was an amazing and magical day. We only had 30 guests (including the wedding party). We decided to only invite immediate family and close friends who are like family. I think some of our imperfections on the day ended up being the highlights – such as: scuba divers joining us for an impromptu photo shoot, forgetting cake cutting utensils and then having to use a plastic fork, one of my lovely brides maids completely skipping the aisle and just going straight into line (haha), forgetting my vows at home and my sister forgetting her maid of honour speech at home. These all made for great memories!

After the reception I cried happy tears due to being overwhelmed with emotion because I couldn’t believe this many people from across the continent and 3 different countries would come to our wedding. I’ve never felt more loved in my life. It’s a really special feeling to see your childhood best friend make friends with your university best friend and then with your first career colleague best friends and then to see my sister and new sister in-law thrown into that mix was all so amazing. To see these woman who you love and respect individually get a long and genuinely laugh together was something I’ve always wanted to see.

To each of my amazing and lovely best friends that made the journey to CA for me I love you all so much and appreciate the friendship that we have together. I look forward to many more memories being created in the coming years!


I ♥ California

I’ve said this before but I absolutely love California and all the natural beauty within. I recently did the tourist thing and completed the 17 Mile Drive. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s 17 miles a beautiful land, seashore, ocean and pristine golf links (i.e. Pebble Beach Golf Course). If you are going to be in central California it’s a must to do this drive. Below are some of the photo’s that I took during my drive and a few others from the surrounding area – Carmel. Enjoy!

The Lone Cypress

Pebble Beach Links

Point Joe

Restless Sea

Coastal Plant Life 

Beach front house in Carmel, CA

Stewarts Cove – Carmel, CA