Fashion from the streets of Toronto.

Just this past April my sister completed her 4th year at Ryerson University in the Fashion Design degree program. She was selected among other class mates to take part in the year-end fashion show – Mass Exodus – to show off her 5 piece collection. Emily chose to do women’s wear and named her brand after our mother’s maiden name – Pieretti.

Anyone that knows anything about the Ryerson Fashion program understands that these students live in the design lab all year long and literally put blood, sweat, tears and many insomniac nights in to complete their projects.  Since this is an incredible amount of work it is acceptable by the school if students end up outsourcing the sewing to a factory or small shop. Emily didn’t choose to go this route. She designed her whole collection and sewed everything herself.  I am unbelievably proud of my sister and in love with her collection and product.

Below are some shots from a photo shoot that I helped out on set with.




Photography by Sarah Renton