Music feeds the soul.

Bahamas 2011A long time ago (2001) I went off to University and met a young lady who would quickly become a life long best friend of mine. She is from the Bahamas and has had a profound impact on my life and continues to be a part of my life even though we’re thousands of miles away. Until 2001 the only reggae I had ever heard was Bob Marley, whom I really love! Katie introduced me to the world of soca, dancehall and many other artist with similar style to Bob. Although I couldn’t ever master the soca dancing I had fun trying!

It was as though this music really made a big stamp on my soul. Till this day when I feel stressed out all I have to do is put my headphones on and put some reggae on and I instantly go into relaxation mode. Reggae reminds me of a ton of positive memories such as visiting Katie in the Bahamas, getting engaged in Bahamas, swimming in the warm ocean, and many fun reggae parties throughout University.

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have those little things that can bring an instant smile to your face and truly make you happy from the inside and out. Today I was listening to Spotify and this new album was released under “what’s new”. It’s been on repeat all day in my house. I wanted to share it because it really is a beautiful riddim and all of the songs are lovely! Music really can affect my mood and feeds the soul. This is what reggae does for me.

An encounter with the Grateful Dead in northern California.

If you read my About Me page you already know that I am from Atlantic Canada and that I grew up in a small coastal town. The special thing about my town is that there are many locals that haven’t entirely left the 60’s which made for a different but fun upbringing. It’s hard not to be influenced by the hippy era in a town like St. Andrews, NB. When I was in junior high my friends and I used to be obsessed with the song Sugar Magnolia when most kids my age were listening to more modern artists such as  Destiny Child, K.C. & Jo Jo, and Backstreet Boys. For the most part we were the new generation of hippy wannabes hanging out at camps and on the beach wearing bell bottom cords, dead head tie dye shirts, learning how to play guitar and listening to bands such as Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and Cat Steven’s to name a few.

With that background you will understand my surprise and excitement with what I believe to be a great find in northern California!

One Saturday morning in July my husband woke up and in a spontaneous gesture suggested we take a drive north of San Francisco without any real destination in mind. Once we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge we saw signs for a community called San Rafael in Marin County and decided that would be our destination. Since it was around lunch time we decided to stroll around and find a place to eat. Across the harbour we could hear live music coming from a huge patio hidden by tree’s and foliage. It sounded like a lot of fun so naturally we walked over to check it out. To my surprise and excitement we stumbled upon Grateful Dead founder and band member, Phil Lesh’s restaurant – Terrapin Crossroads!

We absolutely loved the vibe, the food and the band! The band playing was nothing other than Phil Lesh’s two son’s @Grahamelesh and @BrianJamesLesh. Let’s say talent didn’t fall far from the tree. They had a crew of friends helping them out with sound and what looked like an entourage at a table in the front. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun random day. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see the dead live and considering that won’t happen it was pretty cool to see the next generation jamming at brunch for an audience of locals.

@Grahamelesh and @BrianJamesLesh Performing at Terrapin Crossroads

Aside from the music the food was amazing. We split the chopped salad and burger which was a great choice. We quickly learned that they “support local, organic and sustainably produced vegetables, meat and fish”. I totally dig this. Even the perimeter of the patio was outlined with planters filled with herbs!  This was without a doubt my type of restaurant – the perfect fusion of creativity, music and sustainably conscious food. I will definitely be back and hopefully Phil is there performing with his friends and son’s.