A love for painting…..and a solid attempt

My best friend from New Brunswick, Katy and I have sooo much in common which is probably why we’ve stayed friends this long but one activity that we love doing but don’t engage in enough is painting. We both have no technical training but just a strong interest and the need to be creative. One night after a couple of glasses of wine we decided we were going to have an arts and crafts party. It’s exactly what it sounds like….two 20 something grown up ladies sitting at a dining room table with wine and a bunch of craft supplies from Michael’s.

Katy already painted an abstract piece of art a week earlier that was awesome! So naturally in a slightly tipsy state but creative moment we decided to paint the same thing. Below is a picture sequence to show how Katy painted this picture. If you like it give it a try! We are not the original artists to paint this and I am not sure who is but I just wanted to be clear that we didn’t create the original design…..although I am sure you could use the same technique in multiple ways with various colours to come up with something different each time.


Drop the various shades of paint evenly along the bottom.


Start at the bottom and spread the paint across the full length of the canvas.


Continue spreading the paint and blending all the colours you’ve laid down.


This is what it should look like once you blended the bottom completely. Once you get here you’re ready for the top!


Use the same drop and blend technique for the top of the painting as you did for the bottom. If you follow the same colour scheme we used you’ll want to use lighter blues and more white in the top part. 


When doing the middle yellow part you can make this as light or dark as you want but you’ll want to make sure it blends well with the top. Use the same drop and blend technique as you did in step 1.


One you get all three pieces done you’re really at the end where you add a dark uneven line across the length of the canvas to act as an accent colour. We did black but you could use a mid night blue or another dark shade. 

Once you’re done let it dry and put it up on your wall. It will be a great conversation piece when people come over. I loved this piece that Katy did so much I moved it with me to California and it’s up on my wall now! I love having homemade art. Means so much more!

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